Managed Service


A.C.E. Consulting Firm (ACE) is a provider of ultra-high quality business solutions and consulting services designed to help you reduce your costs, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line.

In addition to providing a wide range of application software offerings that are critical to your business’ success, we deliver the highest quality consulting services for J.D. Edwards™ – PeopleSoft™ – Oracle™ systems available.

We specialize in cleaning up implementations, installation, upgrade, update, performance tuning, security and network infrastructure of the system. Our consultants have the skill, industry knowledge, and experience to work directly with you and assist you in accomplishing your objectives in the shortest, most efficient time frame possible.

We can help you;

  • Upgrade from 7.31 to EnterpriseOne 9.xx and above
  • OneWorld Xe or EnterpriseOne Upgrades and Implementations
  • Identify & Fix Performance Issues
  • Facility or Data Center Moves
  • AS/400, Unix-Oracle, and Windows NT-SQL expertise.
  • WebSphere Installation, Upgrades and Audits
  • Domestic / International Expansion and support
  • Implementing New Functionality
  • Complex CNC Issues
  • Managed CNC Services
  • System Stress Testing
  • Strategic Planning / Software Selection
  • Any many more

We will do our best to do it for you!

Regardless if you are running J.D Edwards, PeopleSoft or Oracle; OneWorld, or EnterpriseOne

8.12 we can assist you in meeting your objectives. With an average of 11 years of JDE CNC experience and 20 years of industry experience our resources can protect you from the expensive pitfalls less experienced and “cheaper” consultants tend to overlook.

ACE has hired only the most experienced, talented, and customer service driven professionals and by providing additional enterprise capabilities that are “Best in Class”, we can deliver unsurpassed quality and customer service along with a complete “Enterprise Management Solution” at a total monthly cost, well below those of the major J.D. Edwards™ / PeopleSoft / Oracle consulting providers.

Every ACE consultant is a hand-picked, seasoned professional with a documented record of outstanding customer service and at least five years of hands on experience with JDE implementations. Each member of our team knows firsthand why JDE implementations succeed, and why they fail. Whether your company is in the first phases of implementation or if you have been live for years, ACE will help you squeeze every dime from your investment.

Extremely Reliable J.D. Edwards / PeopleSoft CNC resources will manage your Implementation 100% remotely for a Flat Monthly Fee.

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Get the Industry’s most experienced CNC consultants to Proactively Monitor & Support your OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Architecture for a flat monthly fee!

When you call or email us you’re not calling or emailing ‘Response Line’ rookies. All Service Levels include a Single Primary Contact and a backup Secondary Contact so when you contact us you are communicating directly to your dedicated support person!!

We’ll even attend your staff meetings by phone and send you Weekly Progress / Status Reports complete with prioritized findings, recommendations and suggestions!

We provide remote OneWorld / EnterpriseOne CNC / Technical support that will cover your Day to Day OneWorld administration to ensure a Stable, Error Free and Well Performing System.

Hiring full time, on-site staff is expensive, and it is not fool proof. You spend a lot of time, energy and money put into finding just the right person and then you never know just how long they will stay.

After that you still have to pay

  • Salary                        Administration costs
  • Bonuses                    Vacation Days / Holidays
  • Benefits                     Sick Days/ Personal Days
  • Training (J.D. Edwards & Equipment and Expenses Database)

Taking into account a 2 year + average learning curve to truly become an ‘experienced’ CNC resource, you may still end up dealing with a lot of lost productivity across your enterprise during their learning curve.


Utilizing a team of J.D. Edwards CNC experts, each with over 5 years of OneWorld CNC experience, we can support any infrastructure remotely!!

Our Resources Have Seen It All. What may be a complex, once a year issue to your internal resource, is a weekly task for us.

  • All supported platforms and databases
  • No Architecture Too Large, Too Small or Too Complex

There are 3 service levels available with terms ranging from 6 months to 5 years. All Service Levels include Basic OneWorld / EnterpriseOne System Monitoring as outlined below. This is a 24x7x 365, automated, email enabled, notification service that requires a Client side Network Email Account. When a threshold set by you and your support person is breached, your dedicated support contacts are immediately notified by Email. They will either correct the problem or make recommendations and outline your options to help you determine the next steps.

Basic OneWorld / EnterpriseOne System Monitoring and CNC Functions Includes

7 AM – 7 PM US PST Monday thru Friday (Less Client / US Holidays)

  • Actively Monitor OneWorld Disk Space Utilization
  • Actively Monitor OneWorld Services
  • Long Processes in Wait (Outstanding Requests)
  • Long Running UBE’s Flagged
  • Monitoring Enterprise Server Logs for Errors
  • Data Source Maintenance
  • Fat Client Administration
  • Installation & Operational Configuration
  • Menu Maintenance
  • OCM Mappings
  • OMW Maintenance / Object Change Management
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Error Resolution
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Performance Tuning
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne User ID Maintenance
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne User ID Security*
  • On-site Consulting** (Up to 8 Hours per Quarter)
  • Package Builds (limit 1 every 2 weeks)
  • Package Management
  • Path Code & Environment Maintenance
  • Submitted Jobs Maintenance
  • Terminal / Citrix Services Setup & Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting***
  • Version Administration
  • WebSphere Administration related to OneWorld / EnterpriseOne****


Intermediate Support Includes All of Basic 24 x 7 x 365 (Less Client / US Holidays), plus

  • ASU & ESU Installation*****
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Service Pack Installation*****
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Updates*****
  • OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Upgrades*****
  • On-site Consulting** (Up to 24 Hours per Quarter)
  • Oracle / SQL / DB2 Database Tuning
  • Package Builds (limit 1/ week)
  • WebSphere Upgrades


Advance Services Include All of Intermediate 24 x 7 x 365 (Less Client / US Holidays), plus

  • 24x7x365 OneWorld/EnterpriseOne Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Hardware Health /Trend Management and Reporting
  • On-Site Consulting** (Up to 40 Hours per Quarter)

Services provided on a Time and Material basis include:

  • Additional Package Builds and Deployment Beyond service Level Chosen
  • Additional Support that is often required for Heavily Modified Environments
  • Disaster Recovery / High Availability Planning & Implementation
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Non Supported or 3rd Party Hardware / Software Issues
  • OneWorld/EnterpriseOne Application Security Work Bench Designs
  • Platform / Architecture Configuration Changes
  • Special On-Off Requirements associated with J.D. Edwards HR/Payroll
  • Superfluous and/or Training and of Non ESI Personnel
  • System Configuration and Baseline Auditing
  • Work Pre-formed on Legal Holidays as recognized by the Client or US Holidays if client outside of US.

Services that are NOT Covered under any of these Service Levels Include

  • Backup /Recovery / Disaster Recovery Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Desktop Administration
  • Extranet / Firewall Security
  • Hardware Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Network Security
  • OS Administration

If your company required the services that are not covered under our Service Levels, then we can provide you with those services as well on a separate contract.


In order to provide these services on a remote basis we required the following:

  1. All Hardware and Software Meets PeopleSoft’s / J.D. Edwards Minimum Technical Requirements (MTRs)
  2. Client will provide an email account and a dedicated workstation for our use only as per the MTR of an OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Development Workstation and enough disk space for all Required Path Codes
  3. Client will provide us with a VPN remote connectivity for duration of contract
  4. Client will provide us with full after hour contact information for at least 2 people
  5. Client will purchase & deploy any additional 3rd Party Hardware / Software necessary to fulfill this agreement


All Services are done remotely for all Levels of Service except when client requests On-Site Support Any and All Expenses related to this agreement including Travel are not covered under this agreement and will be billed separately

  • *OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Security coverage is for standard User ID Security not Security Work Bench
  • ** On-Site Consulting is optional and must be scheduled per availability. Travel related expenses and additional on-site hours above agreement will be billed separately as per Contract terms.
  • *** Troubleshooting is included for all issues effecting your OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Implementation however problems deemed to be related to Hardware / Network infrastructure including all items listed under Services that are not covered, or PeopleSoft / J.D. Edwards Programming anomalies, or Non-Enterprise Solutions Inc. Installations will be billed at our standard hourly rate and not covered under this agreement.
  • **** All installations utilizing WebSphere will be charged an additional Monthly Fee
  • ***** Heavily Modified Environments may incur time and material charges for ASUs, ESUs, Service Packs, Updates, and Upgrades