JDE CNC Audit 

  Do you have problem with your system performance and worried about your Go Live?

  Does your end-users complaining about your OneWorld / EnterpriseOne system Performance?  Do you suffer from?

  •   Slow Response Times
  •   Slow Screen Refresh Rates
  •   Slow Reports / Queries / UBEs
  •   Long Package Builds High CPU Utilization • Etc…….

   We could help you with minimal risk!

  JDE CNC Performance Audit could be your only solution to your existing problem.

JDE CNC Performance Audits are as follow:

  •   AS/400 / DB2
  •   Unix/Oracle
  •   Intel / SQL Server
  •   Intel / Oracle Server
  •   SQL Clusters
  •   Oracle Application Server and/or WebLogic
  •   WebSphere – * There would be a completely separate Audit

  You could save with buying both a CNC and a WebSphere Audit!

  You Will Not Pay a Penny if we don’t find anything, Guaranteed! 

No Extra Cost to you – Guaranteed ZERO Financial Risk
• Low Fixed Price for Most System Platforms •      Easy Approval•      Cost Effective•      Minimum Risk
• All Work Done 100 % Remotely •      Zero Travel Expenses•      Can Start the Same Day
• Typically Done in 3-5 Days • Faster Results = better ROI
• Report Delivered typically within 2 business days after the audit is completed • Hard Copy Documentation
• Follow up Conference Call included to go over findings and recommendations •       No Guessing at what we meant•       Our Technical experts review each finding item by item with you and your team and go over the recommendations
Some Clients have seen up to a 50%-70% increase in performance by following just one or two of our recommendations!
* These Audits do NOT include application configuration setup issues or report setup issues which may also account for some of the performance issues. We would only take a snapshot of your configuration and not modifying anything at this point.


  Depending on your configuration, we typically look at

Connectivity setup (ODBC)AS400 TCP/IP TuningSubsystem TuningOCM and Data Source MappingsAS400 Cleanup TasksPerformance settings and AdjustmentsIndexesLog filesShared Memory Pools Configuration


Pre-start Jobs

System configuration (Hardware /Software)  Log FilesDisk Space / Utilization Database SetupDatabase ConnectivityDatabase Maintenance Plans Disaster RecoveryIndexes

AS/400 i-Series Configurations

           AS/400 Components JDE CNC Components
Database ConnectionsTCP/IP Network ConfigurationEnterpriseOne Job Memory PoolExpert CacheAS/400 Performance SettingsSQL PackagesTCP/IP Network Configuration OCMi-Series JDE.iniIFS setting and reportsDatabase Data Sources Path codesPackage Built and all the log files reports.Security and Task Roles.

 SQL / Oracle DB & Intel Configurations

 SQL / Oracle Components                                          JDE CNC Components 

  SQL/Oracle Database Setup                                                       OCM Configuration

  JDE.ini Review and configuration                                                J.D.Edwards OneWorld / EnterpriseOne Databases

  Database Data Sources                                                               Database Connections

  Path codes                                                                                   File Locations

  Package Built and all the log files reports                                   Table Indexes

  Security and Task Roles                                                             SQL / Oracle Performance Settings

  Disaster Recovery                                                                       Citrix Servers

  Clustered Servers (*Extra Fee)                                                   and much more

  For a complete evaluation and audit of your system please contact us immediately.